USAID Support Bolsters Provider-Initiated HIV Testing and Counseling

Thursday, December 15, 2016

To improve HIV testing and counseling (HTC) within hospitals and strengthen referral linkages to support those with positive test results, the USAID Sustainable HIV Response from Transition Assistance (SHIFT) Project conducted four provider-initiated HIV-testing and counseling training workshops with the Provincial AIDS Centers of Ho Chi Minh City (October 25-28), Dien Bien (November 29-30), and Nghe An (December 6-9).  A total of 123 participants representing 35 health facilities attended.  The purpose of the HTC training initiative is to bolster HIV testing and referrals in hospital settings, so that 90% of those testing HIV positive will receive results and enroll in HIV care and treatment (expeditiously). During each workshop, Provincial AIDS Center (PAC) representatives briefed participants on government HTC regulations and reporting requirements for testing services in hospital settings.  As follow-up to the workshops, the USAID SHIFT Project, with PACs, will provide technical assistance to hospitals in high-burden districts, and work with managers and colleagues from relevant departments to diffuse the training content.

Last updated: December 16, 2016

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