Provinces with USAID’s HIV Support Exceed Viral Suppression Targets

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Viral suppression is a key indicator of HIV treatment effectiveness. When an HIV patient achieves viral suppression, s/he has a significantly reduced likelihood of transmitting the infection and has improved health outcomes as an individual. From April to June, 22 clinics in eight provinces supported by USAID’s Sustainable HIV Response from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) Project completed 2,583 viral load tests with an overall viral suppression rate of 95.6%, marking the second quarter that project-supported provinces exceeded the 95% target needed to achieve HIV epidemic control.

So What? USAID’s assistance is enabling local HIV stakeholders to achieve, accurately measure and sustain viral load suppression, a crucial step towards achieving epidemic control in Vietnam.

Last updated: April 12, 2019

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