USAID Supports Persons with Disabilities by Establishing Assistive Technology Units at Rehabilitation Centers

Speeches Shim

Friday, April 30, 2021

Many persons with disabilities benefit from assistive devices, like wheelchairs, crutches, walking canes and prosthetics, to enable their daily activities and increase independent living. Additional support includes modified home environments, such as wheelchair ramps or kitchens with appliances and countertops at altered heights. USAID’s Moving without Limits project has partnered with Hanoi’s Bach Mai Hospital to provide essential equipment for the hospital’s Rehabilitation Center to establish an Assistive Technology Unit, with the aim of providing better rehabilitation services for patients. The new unit includes equipment for outdoor and indoor wheelchair practice and rehabilitation exercises, and a renovated occupational therapy room fitted with adjusted household facilities suitable for different types of disabilities,  providing patients the opportunity to practice daily living activities before returning home. The Assistive Technology Units are replicas of home modifications designed for accessibility and independence.

With USAID-supported facilities, the Assistive Technology Unit in Bach Mai Hospital will become a model for daily activity rehabilitation facilities. Providing appropriate and affordable assistive devices and a modified home environment to practice in enables persons with disabilities to live independently and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Last updated: April 30, 2021

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