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2005-2015 Results in Inclusive Education

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Key Service Delivery Achievements in Inclusive Education (2005-2015)

  • 1,450 young Vietnamese with disabilities trained in advanced IT skills, soft skills and job search skills; over 60% of students trained in advanced IT skills were able to get jobs.
  • Over 5,400 children with disabilities benefited from project’s inclusive education assistance.
  • 882 education managers, secondary education teachers and staff from 5 provinces, Association of Blind people, Deaf Associations and Rehabilitation Centers were trained on distance learning. More than 100 e-learning sessions for students of grade 6 have been developed and piloted with 341 students, and 40 online video lectures for deaf students at grade 5 have been produced using sign language. As a result, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training has used Asian Development Bank funding to replicate the project's developed distance learning tools for teachers of special needs from all 63 provinces.
  • The project-supported website (www.giaoduchoanhap.edu.vn) has had over 76,000 hits to date, mostly from educational institutions and centers participating in the ICT pilot and other educational experts in field.
  • The online library contains more than 100 materials including teacher training materials, publications on teaching children with certain type of disabilities, management of inclusive education
  • 3,469 teachers and administrators trained in inclusive education;
  • 76% school-aged children with disabilities in Inclusion of Vietnamese with Disabilities project areas are going to school;
  • 1,769 parents of children with disabilities were organized into 40 parent associations;
  • 1,222 parents and teachers trained to provide community-based services for children with disabilities and their parents.

Last updated: July 22, 2020

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