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October 15, 2021

The USAID Vietnam e-Government Capacity Building Program shared the experience related to e-government program design and implementation at the “Taiwan International and Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF) and USAID Training on e-Governance and Cybersecurity Workshop,” organized by US-Support for Economic Growth in Asia (US-SEGA) and Taiwan ICDF on October 5 and 12. The Vietnam e-Government Program was highlighted as an example of good practice in e-government design and development.

October 15, 2021

Vietnam is speeding up the development of LNG infrastructure as one way to lower carbon emissions and ensure energy security given declining domestic natural gas resource production and increased demand resulting from strong economic growth. On October 7, the USAID Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program II (V-LEEP II) project, together with the the Oil, Gas and Coal Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, co-organized a workshop on the scientific basis for developing requirements for the design, installation, and operation of LNG storage. The workshop was attended by participants from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Science and Technology, PetroVietnam Gas, the Vietnam Petroleum Institute, and other stakeholders. USAID through V-LEEP II provided support to finalize these regulations and organized this workshop to validate and ensure the alignment between the Government of Vietnam agencies on LNG terminal standards, regulations, and management authority.

October 15, 2021

According to the national survey on persons with disabilities 2016, the disability prevalence rate for children ages 2 to 17 in Vietnam was 2.79%. The most common type of disability is psycho-social, which can lead to many developmental issues, and establishing foundational knowledge and basic skills for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities is crucial to development outcomes of the children. In collaboration with Autism Speaks, USAID’s I-Thrive project has  adapted the World Health Organization's Caregivers’ Skills Training (CST) program to make it culturally sensitive and socially tailored.

October 15, 2021

For the past five months, Vietnam has experienced a severe wave of COVID-19, particularly in the South, that has slowed down and limited the uptake of key HIV services. As Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi gradually re-open, private HIV clinics have begun to see an uptick in clients seeking HIV  services. Clinics are now actively contacting clients to restart on PrEP (HIV preventative medicine) for those who discontinued due to the lock-down. With restrictions easing on October 1, USAID-supported Tay Ninh Pride HIV services clinic contacted waitlisted clients to help them access testing and start PrEP (if negative) and treatment (if positive). USAID/PATH Healthy Markets project is also supporting partners – especially those in Dong Nai where COVID-19 restrictions remain strict – to maintain online counseling, communications, and home-delivery of HIV self-test kits and PrEP drugs.

October 15, 2021

On October 5, Acting Consul General Robert Greenan visited Nha Minh Clinic, run by Blue Sky Social Enterprise,  for the handover of USAID-donated oxygen concentrators. Under the Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control project, USAID has donated 60 oxygen concentrators to social enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City to help address the COVID-19 surge in Southern Vietnam. This life-saving equipment enables people with COVID-19 symptoms to recover at home through remote medical consultations, hence avoiding overwhelming the hospital system.


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Last updated: October 18, 2021

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