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How Health and Safety Concerns Have Been Addressed

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Ensuring the health and safety of the workers carrying out the Danang Airport Remediation Project, as well as airport workers and local residents, is the most important consideration of the project.

Unexploded Ordinance (UXO)
All work areas will be cleared for UXO before work begins.

Site Access
All dioxin-contaminated areas (and consequently, the entire Danang Airport Remediation Project area) are located completely within the MND-controlled area of Danang Airport. Special permission from MND is required to access the site.

Contaminated Soil and Sediment
International best practices will be followed to ensure that contaminated soil and sediment do not leave the project site. Examples include:

  • Installing silt fences and barriers to capture soil/sediment in storm water runoff;
  • Minimizing construction activities during the rainy season;
  • Protecting the project site during heavy rains; and
  • Decontaminating all vehicles, equipment, and personnel before moving from contaminated to clean areas.

Contaminated Dust
International best practices and engineering controls will be applied to ensure that contaminated dust does not leave the project site. Examples include:

  • Monitoring wind speed and ensuring that activities are not conducted during high winds;
  • Spraying down areas with water to suppress dust; and
  • Covering soils in trucks during transportation.

Dust monitoring and air sampling will be conducted at the limits of the excavation area to ensure that contaminated dust is not leaving the project site.

Contaminated Wastewater
All water generated during remediation activities will be collected, sampled, and, if necessary, treated before leaving the project site.

Rainy Season
During the rainy season (September through December), the Danang area is susceptible to extreme weather conditions such as typhoons. To the fullest extent possible, project activities will be limited during this period to ensure that project facilities are maintained and that no environmental incidents occur as a result of extreme rainy season weather events.

Site Workers
All workers at the project site will be monitored and required to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Internationally-accepted safe work practices for hazardous waste sites will be followed for all remediation activities.

Expertise and Experience of Contractors
The contractors chosen to implement the project have completed more than 3,000 projects, including projects at more than 50 military installations across the United States and Europe.

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Last updated: May 09, 2018

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