Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health

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The Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health project will increase local capacity and reinforce local partnerships to sustainably address environmental health challenges through a learning-by-doing model. The project will address water pollution issues by developing a Water Health Network, provide training, and assist advocacy efforts in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam provinces, with best practices to be replicated and scaled up in other locations.


The Local Works for Environmental Health project’s Water Health Network is made up of diverse local stakeholders who collectively address water pollution problems and share best practices. The project further supports the Water Health Network to be open, expandable, and adaptable, allowing network members wide flexibility to actively and collectively work together to address any local challenges that arise.


To strengthen the Water Health Network and its members’ capacity to identify and respond to water pollution and other environmental health challenges, the project will maintain an updated database of local stakeholders, as well as water pollution problems with mapped out locations. Guidance and training will be provided to network members on assessment, implementation, monitoring and evaluation skills, and best practices for addressing water pollution, using a learning-by-doing model.


The project helps boost partnerships to increase resources, promote legislative and public policy through advocacy campaigns, and manage a small grant mechanism to support local responses.


The Water Health Network aims to secure local ownership with engaged stakeholders to implement activities such as outreach campaigns, community-based needs assessments, strategic planning workshops, and stakeholder analyses conducted with local authorities and beneficiaries in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam provinces. Through these activities, local communities will be able to identify priority water-related issues, as well as identify at least two sources of local alternative resources to sustain project activities.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 4:15am

Last updated: June 01, 2021