USAID Support to End Tuberculosis

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Vietnam ranks 11th among the 30 countries that account for nearly 90 per cent of the world’s tuberculosis (TB) burden. Each year, it is estimated that 170,000 people become sick from TB, but only around 100,000 are accounted for and treated within the national health care system in Vietnam. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Support to End TB project will assist the Government of Vietnam in the ambitious effort to end TB by 2030, defined as reducing TB incidence by 90 percent, reducing TB mortality by 95 percent, and reducing patient costs. The project’s primary goal is to support the Government of Vietnam to successfully detect, treat and prevent TB and to ensure patients receive high quality care without suffering catastrophic costs. The USAID Support to End TB project will prioritize the public sector while also engaging with communities, private providers and private sector partners to reach all with TB. The project’s strategy is to develop and implement critical guiding frameworks to inform health policy and to refine and introduce innovative new approaches for ending TB.


USAID Support to End TB will expand an innovative model called Double X, which uses chest X-rays and GeneXpert (a rapid TB bacterial detection tool) to diagnose active TB disease and latent TB infection. Latent TB infection occurs when someone is exposed to TB but doesn’t become sick and develop the disease, and modeling studies have shown that treating both active and latent TB is necessary to sustain a decline in TB incidence. In 2020, USAID piloted the Double X strategy in 18 districts within seven provinces using the new model in communities and health facilities; the new standard operating procedure was approved as the national guideline for Double X, and, in 2021, this high yield model will be expanded to 25 provinces through Global Fund funding and technical assistance from USAID. The project will also expand the Double X strategy to explore case finding approaches among additional TB risk groups, including the elderly, smokers, and regular alcohol users. Healthcare workers will also be screened for active TB and latent TB infection.


As financing for TB care continues to evolve in Vietnam, USAID will support Vietnam’s National TB Program and Department of Health Insurance to prepare for the upcoming transition from donor and government funding to Social Health Insurance (SHI). The project will develop an operational guide to activate SHI for TB, with guidance for provincial, district, and commune levels to enable SHI reimbursement for TB care.


USAID Support to End TB will collaborate with the Government of Vietnam in their goal to end TB by 2030, through improving detection, cure and prevention of TB. This will be done in seven USAID focal provinces by developing innovative, high-yield models to detect and treat over 90 percent of those with TB and ensure successful treatment of at least 90 percent of all TB patients. The project will also provide technical assistance to the National TB Program’s Double X expansion to 25 provinces, significantly increasing case detection and treatment, further supporting Vietnam towards ending TB.

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Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 2:30am

Last updated: July 07, 2021