USAID Reducing Pollution

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The USAID Reducing Pollution project supports Vietnam’s efforts to address environmental pollution challenges in targeted areas through a collective impact approach. Working in close partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), the project will demonstrate clear connections between environmental benefits and other social benefits, including public health, employment, and sustainable economic growth.                   


A collective impact approach addresses complex challenges by mobilizing diverse actors to collaborate, identify ways to solve a shared problem, and take action based on their roles and comparative advantages. The USAID Reducing Pollution project will follow the collective impact framework to strengthen networks of local organizations, government, private sector, and academic institutions working together to prevent, mitigate, and reduce environmental pollution.


The project will facilitate a broad consultative process with local government officials, community leaders, local organizations, and motivated businesses to identify 5-7 priority collective impact initiatives that reflect strong political will, community leadership, and engagement from private sector partners to address environmental pollution challenges. Preliminary consultations have identified air pollution and ocean plastics as areas of focus.  


To foster Vietnamese leadership in addressing environmental pollution, the project will make grants to a local organization to serve as the “backbone” for each collective impact initiative. These backbone organizations will serve as the local leaders for each initiative by building public support, advancing policy, leveraging additional funding, and designing and implementing targeted awareness and behavior change campaigns.  Additional small grants to local research institutions and community-based organizations will provide targeted support for complementary research and advocacy efforts.


Through the Reducing Pollution project, USAID expects to attain the following results:

  1. 5-7 collective impact initiatives launched, including air pollution and ocean plastics;
  2. Grants awarded to one backbone organization to lead each initiative;
  3. Capacity of backbone organizations and local actors strengthened to advance collective impact initiatives;
  4. Sustainable funding mechanisms identified to strengthen long-term effectiveness of collective impact initiatives; and
  5. New policies and guidance developed to support the 2020 Law on Environmental Protection and create a stronger enabling environment for addressing environmental pollution challenges.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2021 - 6:00am

Last updated: August 12, 2021