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Shifting its economy from centrally planned to market-based has transformed Vietnam into one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the Southeast Asia region. With a growing private sector and international manufacturing and export base, Vietnam has the opportunity to leverage domestic and foreign investment and corporate resources to support its expanding economy and population. Yet current investment in energy, infrastructure, and health is insufficient to meet the country’s growth and development objectives. The USAID Mission in Vietnam engaged INVEST, a USAID initiative that helps mobilize capital and remove barriers to investment, to explore and facilitate private investments in high-impact areas in Vietnam.


Vietnam INVEST supports market-based and public-private solutions in energy, infrastructure, and health, including:

  • Renewable Energy Transaction Assistance Fund: Reducing risk profiles and providing support to increase the appeal of renewable energy projects and encourage private sector investment.
  • Market-Based Healthcare Sustainability Activity: Helping community-based organizations and social enterprises diversify income streams and business models, enabling them to provide essential and financially sustainable healthcare services.
  • Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Public Private Partnership Platform: Delivering tools and training to strengthen the ability to support investors and local government in the implementation of Vietnam’s new public-private partnership law.

Other activities will target carbon emissions, financial inclusion, and infrastructure modernization.


Through this portfolio, INVEST seeks to pave the way for increased international investment in Vietnam and to strengthen the capacity of the public and private sectors to work together to mobilize the capital necessary for development. By engaging in multiple sectors, INVEST activities will result in improved access to health services, greater financial inclusion, increased sustainability of energy, and stronger private sector involvement.

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Thursday, August 19, 2021 - 7:00am

Last updated: August 19, 2021