Partnership for Higher Education Reform

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The Partnership for Higher Education Reform (PHER) is a five-year initiative to modernize Vietnam's leading universities and strengthen Vietnam’s higher education system in alignment with USAID's Higher Education Program Framework.


The project’s strategy centers around four key programs – Governance Excellence, Teaching and Learning Excellence, Research Excellence, and University-Industry Linkages – and targets three major Vietnamese universities: Vietnam National University-Hanoi, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City, and the University of Danang, with higher-education policy advocacy and reform, technology and digitization, and gender empowerment as critical, cross-cutting tactics for success and long-term sustainability.

The Program for Governance Excellence will establish robust internal quality assurance systems at the targeted universities and transform university finance to achieve greater institutional autonomy.

The Program for Teaching Learning Excellence focuses on providing faculty professional development in designing state-of-the-art courses, digitizing curriculum to increase access to high-quality resources, and establishing Faculty Learning Communities to encourage inter-institutional cooperation.

The Program for Research Excellence improves research and innovation capacity and aligns research activities to the social and economic needs of the country through faculty exchanges, visiting scholar programs, research conferences, webinars, workshops, and short courses.

Through the Program for University-Industry Linkages, Indiana University and private-sector partners will create incentives and develop guidelines on university outreach and building and sustaining prosperous partnerships, between universities and industries, in curriculum and teaching reform, preparing students for the workforce, research, and innovation. 


With extensive support through the Partnership for Higher Education Reform, the three partner universities are expected to become more sustainable, accountable, and autonomous through improved governance; demonstrate improved academic quality; and demonstrate improved research and innovation capacity.

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Friday, September 10, 2021 - 6:30am

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