USAID's Strategy for Vietnam: A Midterm Snapshot

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The USAID/Vietnam team recently completed a midpoint review of our five year country development cooperation strategy for Vietnam. The strategy, developed in 2013, is a blueprint for our cooperation with the Government of Vietnam (GVN), local stakeholders and international partners to advance Vietnam’s transformation into a responsible, more inclusive partner. Key developments since the launch of our strategy – a new SocioEconomic Development Plan (SEDP), the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the release of the Vietnam 2035 Report – indicate that our priorities are still aligned with host country goals. But our review also demonstrated that we need to amplify activities in sustainable growth, environment and local partnerships to achieve our development objectives: (1) enhanced governance for broader-based sustainable growth, (2) improved health and well-being, and (3) legacies addressed for stronger U.S.-Vietnam partnership.

New areas of intervention within our five year strategy include:

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) engagement: TPP is a top shared priority for Vietnam. USAID programs will help Vietnam meet its TPP commitments and benefit from this historic partnership. In addition to USAID’s trade and legislative assistance, USAID will implement new labor and rule of law activities to protect workers and reduce corruption.

Biodiversity Protection: Vietnam is a priority country under USAID’s new biodiversity policy. We are committed to helping Vietnam protect biodiverse areas and its wildlife by strengthening Vietnam’s capacity to manage protected areas and promoting alternative livelihoods that build community resilience and reduce the strains on protected lands. USAID will also support counter wildlife trafficking activities to reduce Vietnam’s illegal, transcontinental wildlife trade.

Local Capacity Development and Partnership: Vietnamese organizations are increasingly important actors in Vietnam’s development. USAID will support these actors in their need to build civil society networks and build an environment where local organizations can flourish. USAID intends to also increase the number of direct awards to local partners.

We believe these new endeavors, along with our continued investments, will contribute to Vietnam’s inclusive, sustainable growth and help the country achieve priorities outlined in the SEDP and 2035 Report. To find out more about what we’ve accomplished in the last three years and what we plan for the remainder of the strategy, keep reading.

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Friday, July 1, 2016 - 4:30am

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