Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution

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Vietnam is among the top five plastic waste polluters of the world’s oceans, discharging 0.28 – 0.73 million tons annually. Nationally, plastics pollution is increasingly receiving policy attention, but local knowledge, collaboration, and capacity to foster behavior change are weak. Moreover, there is no central initiative or online platform for interaction and networking on plastics pollution in Vietnam. The Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution project aims to empower local communities to reduce plastics pollution by creating networks and uniting and providing support to communities and individuals in Hanoi, Halong, Danang, and Hoi An.


This project coordinates with partners and local actors to develop community Joint Action Plans to address plastic pollution that integrate concepts of positive behavior change maintenance, connect with existing networks and business alliances, and align with ASEAN and global initiatives.


The Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution project collaborates with target populations at the individual, community and institutional levels to deliver training programs and other capacity-building initiatives that promote local leadership, facilitate networking, and generate solutions to plastic waste health challenges.


By working with target populations, partners, and crowdsourcing strategies, Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution will design an interactive and customizable online platform to develop advocacy skills based on behavior change analysis, locally-determined needs, and community pollution profiles.


Key program results include the development and implementation of Joint Action Plans for addressing plastic pollution across the four target cities. In addition, Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution will develop local community sectoral and plastics pollution profiles, and mobilize business and government assets and financial resources to sustain a science-based program to collectively address plastics pollution. The project will also co-create a public digital platform with local actors that enhances environmental health literacy, plastic pollution monitoring, and public engagement for locally-determined plastic management and health solutions. In addition, a focus on increasing skills and changing behaviors/practices among local actors and citizens will lead to evidence-based advocacy, policy development and plastic waste reduction in business, tourism and fisheries sectors.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 4:00am

Last updated: June 01, 2021