Building University-Industry Learning and Development Through Innovation and Technology (BUILD-IT)

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Through strategic collaborative dialogue with industry and the Government of Vietnam (Ministry of Education and Training - MOET), the BUILD-IT Alliance focuses on creating a world-class model to modernize and innovate technology and engineering (T&E) higher education. BUILD-IT collaborates with government, industry, and academic partners to directly link higher education to the needs of the private sector. The Alliance builds strategic leadership skills to help the university’s own leaders advance university autonomy, improve program and instructional quality, and form lasting partnerships with the private sector. Throughout the project, BUILD-IT has supported female empowerment and has provided leadership forums, academic initiatives and scholarships, and has laid groundwork strengthening the universities’ capacity to integrate technical English and 21st century professional skills into their programs.


BUILD-IT provides collaborative leadership development opportunities for MOET and university leaders and policymakers to help them achieve effective autonomous university operations. The BUILD-IT Alliance coaches executives on strategies for leading the accreditation process, developing academic-corporate partnerships, embedding industry credentials, developing digital immersion learning, and the creation of a university charter to guide each institution’s development.


BUILD-IT implements robust systems in partner universities to help them attain international accreditation and recognition. BUILD-IT’s Certified Facilitator program leverages in-country trainers and distance technologies to create sustainable long-term faculty development and wide-scale implementation of innovation and modern methodologies. BUILD-IT helps its partners develop clear strategies for digital education and instructional design and implement digitally delivered content


Vietnamese universities historically graduate students steeped in technology and engineering theory, but with few real-world skills. BUILD-IT partner universities are implementing embedded industry credentials and a project-based curriculum focused on team-based problem solving and exploration of technologies. BUILD-IT develops curricular partnerships, mentorships, and industry-sponsored practical opportunities to build students’ professional and technical competencies in preparation for technology and engineering careers.


Over $6.1M of private sector investment in curricula improvement, faculty training and modern facilities and innovation centers will positively impact over 9,000 faculty and staff with improved qualifications, and over 20,000 technology and engineering students through project-based learning. Sixty-nine partner STEM programs and three partner universities have already achieved international accreditation through BUILD-IT. By 2023, all six partner universities will achieve institutional accreditation and an additional 30 technology and engineering programs will earn program accreditation with BUILD-IT support.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 10:30pm

Last updated: September 15, 2021