Country Development Cooperation Strategy for Vietnam - Summary

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Country Development Cooperation Strategy for Vietnam (2020-2025) - Summary

Vietnam has made remarkable progress over the past 30 years and the Government of Vietnam is currently focused on its draft ten-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) 2021 - 2030 which seeks to develop an integrated, efficient, and sustainable economy. USAID/Vietnam has aligned its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) with the GVN’s 2021- 2030 SEDS.

USAID/Vietnam’s CDCS goal is an “Open, prosperous, and secure Vietnam that is effective and inclusive in tackling its own development challenges.” This ambitious goal statement supports the Journey to Self-Reliance and the Indo-Pacific Vision, particularly through increased participation of the Government of Vietnam (GVN), private sector, and civil society working collectively to address Vietnam’s development challenges. To achieve this goal USAID/Vietnam will focus on Development Objectives (DOs): economic competitiveness; prevention and control of infectious diseases; environmental security; and a Special Objective, overcoming war and Agent Orange legacies. The GVN, the private sector, and civil society are at the heart of this CDCS.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 4:00am

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