72044022R00009 - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Program Management Specialist

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Vietnam has achieved impressive growth over the past 20 years with an average annual GDP growth rate of more than 6 percent. However, maintaining this growth rate will become more difficult over time as capacity constraints go unaddressed. Additionally, governance challenges at national and provincial levels to promote a business-enabling environment and greater inclusive development need to be addressed. This includes greater transparency, improving public-private engagement and improving the capacity of local government to be responsive with local stakeholders. The Economic Governance and Competitiveness Program Management Specialist will support USAID’s growing and dynamic private sector and governance focused portfolio that advances the USG Indo-Pacific vision and supports a strong, prosperous and independent Vietnam. The portfolio includes trade facilitation, private sector/entrepreneurship promotion, and good governance. The incumbent will join the OGEG of 4 LES and 2 USDH (1 Director and 1 Deputy Director).

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Friday, September 30, 2022 - 3:45pm

Last updated: September 30, 2022