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  • USAID´s Inclusive Value Chains program works with 10,000 small producers, to strengthen their organizational capacity, increase their productivity, and broker long-term commercial relationships to guarantee the sale of their products

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  • With USAID’s support, Paraguay is implementing its third Open Government Partnership plan which includes commitments from 25 public institutions to increase transparency, ensure government accountability, and promote citizen participation.

  • Thanks to USAID’s Effective Inclusion project, Paraguay's most important fashion event, the Asuncion Fashion Week, welcomed the inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • USAID works to strengthen the capacity of community water organizations that provide water to 100,000 Paraguayans living in isolated rural communities

  • Thanks to USAID’s Inclusive Micro-finance Opportunities project, Agripina (center) who has a physical disability, joined a women’s Village Bank and received a loan to start a small shop, where she sells basic home supplies.

About Paraguay

To address the priorities of the Government of Paraguay, our programs focus on reducing poverty, structuring an inclusive financial system, creating jobs, and strengthening family farms. The aim of the Millennium Challenge Corporation's Threshold Program, administered by USAID, is to support the government's efforts in the fight against corruption, and to strengthen the rule of law, customs, and the health and justice sectors. Other priorities are protecting the rights of people with disabilities, gender equality, and development of small agricultural producers.

Last updated: October 07, 2016

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