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  • USAID, through Legal Aid Centers, expands land rights for rural citizens living in the 12 districts of Khatlon Province of Tajikistan.

  • USAID delivered thousands of books to over 240 school communities to strengthen reading practices in Tajikistan

  • USAID through Feed the Future assists small farmers and their families to grow more fruits and vegetables in their kitchen garden to earn more income, diversify their diets and improve nutrition

  • USAID trains social workers on timely TB detection, referral, and psycho-social support to link migrants with TB services and successful treatment.

  • People of Tajikistan gained access to clean water through USAID programs.

  • USAID training women in Rudaki Shaartuz and Qubodiyon to make preserves.

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  • As part of Feed the Future, the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative, USAID promotes containerized seedlings as a new vegetable production technology among Khatlon farmers in Tajikistan.

About Tajikistan

Bordering Afghanistan, Tajikistan is a linchpin for stability and security in Central Asia. It is also key to developing trade and energy linkages between South and Central Asia. The United States partners with Tajikistan to assist the country to play a constructive role in regional prosperity, connectivity, stability and security.

USAID promotes economic growth, democracy, education, health and food security in Tajikistan. As part of the USAID Mission to Central Asia, USAID in Tajikistan advances the U.S. government’s New Silk Road initiative, which increases regional connections between the economies and peoples of Central and South Asia — including Afghanistan — to foster greater stability and prosperity.

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Last updated: October 26, 2016

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