• USAID provided milk to more than 5,300 malnourished school children in Red Sea State, as part of a public-private partnership to improve education and nutrition.

  • As the largest donor to the people of Sudan, USAID continues to assist Sudanese in need. Photo: Belinda Popovska/World Food Programme

  • USAID funded this children's ward for the hospital in Damazine, Blue Nile State

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On October 25, 2021, Sudan’s military seized power of government, a devastating setback to Sudan’s democratic transition. USAID’s goal remains to help the people of Sudan fulfill their aspirations for freedom, peace, justice, and a prosperous future.

As the largest donor of assistance to the people of Sudan, USAID utilizes long-term, sustainable development approaches in coordination with humanitarian assistance and peace and stabilization initiatives to establish a foundation to support Sudan’s transition to an increasingly peaceful, democratic, and resilient country for all.

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