Flag of Somalia


  • Interactive radio programs supplement Somali students’ education.

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  • USAID provides food, water, and other emergency support to displaced Somalis.

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  • USAID food-for-work programs improve nutrition and provide youth employment.

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About Somalia

Since 1991, Somalia has essentially been a collapsed state. The social costs of war have been enormous, leaving Somalia with some of the lowest human development indicators in the world. In 2011 and 2012, the worst drought that East Africa has seen in 60 years led to famine in southern Somalia, uprooting thousands of families and putting millions at severe risk. Food security has improved, largely driven by humanitarian assistance.

USAID is working to increase stability and reduce the appeal of extremism in Somalia through programming that fosters good governance, promotes economic recovery and growth, offers youth skills training, and works to increase social cohesion through improved community with government relationships. Our programs are planned and carried out with local partners in the context of Somali culture and values.

Last updated: May 05, 2016

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USAID/East Africa, Somalia Unit
PO Box 629
Village Market 00621
+254 20 862 2000
+254 20 862 2680

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USAID/East Africa Somalia Unit
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
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