Thông điệp Ngày Trái đất từ Quyền Giám đốc USAID Việt Nam Bradley Bessire

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Thông điệp Ngày Trái đất từ Quyền Giám đốc USAID Việt Nam Bradley Bessire

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Happy Earth Day! At USAID, assisting Vietnam to address climate change remains one of our highest priorities. Time is of the essence: with its long and densely populated coast, Vietnam is one of the top five countries likely to be most affected by climate change. Since 2015, USAID’s Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program helped embed ambitious renewable energy and energy efficiency goals within the Government of Vietnam’s national priorities. To help the Government of Vietnam move away from coal and transition into cleaner energy, USAID is mobilizing American businesses in Vietnam to pursue clean energy. Creating the demand for clean energy decreases the country's demand for coal and helps the Government of Vietnam deliver on their increasingly ambitious pledges to protect the environment. USAID is partnering with the Government of Vietnam to design and authorize policies that will allow for this – for the first time – in Vietnam. Large factories will be able to directly purchase enough solar and wind power to meet their bold pledges. Nike, Apple, Target and Unilever are just some of the partners who have committed to partner with USAID in the pursuing of clean energy in Vietnam. All of Vietnam will benefit from the cleaner air! Hello Clean Energy! Bye Bye Dirty Coal!

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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