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15-11-2022 17:15

So, this is a really important day getting to swear-in Dean Karlan as USAID’s new Chief Economist. From his earliest days, according to his mother, Dean demonstrated two traits critical for any development economist – an obsession with numbers, and a kind heart.

14-11-2022 14:30

As you’ll hear from me and other leaders from USAID, we are taking these objectives seriously – with real targets, dedicated funding like our Centroamerica Locale initiative and a new Africa Localization Initiative, and new strategies for Acquisition and Assistance, risk appetite, and local capacity strengthening.

12-11-2022 15:30

It's been a great pleasure – personal pleasure – and privilege of mine to get to work so closely with Secretary Vilsack on this whole range of issues that we will now touch upon as it relates to the developing world in this second panel. I want to thank not only Secretary Vilsack – who is an incredible partner, as you can imagine, but the discussion in the first panel didn't stray from the topic that we're grappling with here, which is what can be done in developing countries.

12-11-2022 11:15

I want to also thank USAID’s very own Lindsey Doyle, without whom this event would not be happening. The announcements that you are going to be hearing from various leaders today, are directly the result of work that Lindsey and the team kicked off over the past year.

11-11-2022 18:00

Joining me now from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is USAID Administrator, former UN Ambassador, Samantha Power – with the President at the Global Climate Summit. Thank you so much Ambassador Power for being with us. President Biden coming to the Climate Summit after the U.S. and other industrialized nations were criticized by the rest of the world for causing climate change. The President outlining what the U.S. is doing. Are you concerned that if Republicans take control of Congress, this could be the last piece of climate change for this administration?

11-11-2022 16:45

So grateful, Dominic, to you for your leadership and stitching together of all the various elements here, today. The partnership that you have demonstrated across decades, building crucial links between the public and private sectors to address some of our gravest challenges – from climate change to food security, and of course, inextricably linked now the two.

11-11-2022 14:45

Well, it’s no secret here and it’s no secret around the world, how difficult times have been for the Lebanese people lately, especially with the electricity blackouts, the fuel prices, the food prices. I want to show solidarity, and to show up and say and show that America cares. I think we say it a lot, but I brought an additional commitment of about $72 million in humanitarian assistance, which I hope will help the Lebanese people, as well as some of the refugees who have been generously welcomed here.

11-11-2022 12:00

Thank you, Aly, for that generous introduction, and for co-hosting this event with the Farm Journal Foundation. These two organizations share a belief in the power of agricultural innovation and research to fight global hunger – one we, of course, embrace at USAID.

10-11-2022 17:00

I’ve had a packed and weighty few days here in Lebanon. I traveled to the Beqaa to speak to farmers and herders beset by the grave economic crisis. There, I announced the U.S. would contribute an additional $72 million in emergency food assistance through the World Food Programme, and that should support more than 650,000 people in need.


Last updated: December 08, 2022

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