Uzbekistan is a vital U.S. partner in bolstering regional stability and cooperation. The country plays a pivotal role in forging regional stability, prosperity, and security in Central Asia and neighboring Afghanistan. Its natural resources, infrastructure, young and educated population, and reform-oriented government holds the potential to increase regional trade and bolster economic growth.

Since 1993, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided over $500 million in assistance to diversify the country’s economy and increase regional trade, advance judicial reform, strengthen civil society, and modernize the basic educational system. USAID also addresses serious health threats, including COVID-19 and Tuberculosis (TB) to help build the government’s capacity to respond to the population’s needs. In partnership with the Government of Uzbekistan and its implementing partners, USAID’s assistance aligns with the priorities of both the Government of Uzbekistan and the U.S. Strategy for Central Asia