Faster Internet Aims to Speed Journey to Self-Reliance

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
A voter gets an assist to cast his ballot in a recent election in Liberia. Since 2005, Liberia has held three presidential and legislative elections, all deemed to be free and fair.
Bendu Doman-Nimley, USAID

Better connectivity and improved governance will make for healthier and better educated Liberians

By Anthony S. Chan, USAID/Liberia Mission Director

Walk around Monrovia today and you will see workers busy digging trenches along the sides of major streets to lay fiber optic cables that will bring high speed internet connectivity to many Liberians. This is the result of a public/private partnership involving USAID, Google and the Government of Liberia, known as Connectivity Squared or C-Squared.

Why the partnership? Here are some facts to consider.

Liberia is among the least connected countries in the world, with only 5 percent of its citizens having access to broadband internet. And where access is available, it is prohibitively expensive for the average Liberian, many of whom survive on no more than a dollar a day.

It is clear to us that affordable internet access will provide Liberia a unique opportunity to overcome many of its challenges and to unlock its vast potential, driving the country towards greater self reliance.

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Last updated: October 02, 2018

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