Program Updates | Ukraine

Last updated: February 07, 2020

February 7, 2020

Ukrainian NGO collaborates with local government to repair a vital roadway 

“It is great when the result of our work is a repaired road, on which children go to school and which is extremely important for the region.” – Olga Nos 

Over the past six months, Olga Nos has worked with the Construction Sector Transparency (CoST) Initiative Ukraine, which is supported by USAID’s Support for Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) activity, to advocate for road improvements. 

January 15, 2020

After completing his military service in the conflict zone in Donetsk Oblast, Ivan, a 37-year-old veteran, returned home to his wife and daughter. He struggled to find a full-time job and resorted to performing odd jobs at construction sites to make ends meet. Ivan’s extremely difficult financial situation ultimately led him to illegal drug dealing, which ended with his arrest and incarceration in a pre-trial detention center, and eventual probation.

December 20, 2019

HIV-positive Kateryna lost her baby due to ignorance and a misguided belief in stereotypes. She wanted to prove to the world that she and her son were healthy and that HIV could not affect them. 

November 19, 2019

International classification training for primary care providers strengthens health reform in Ukraine

November 8, 2019

In July 2019, ahead of the July 21 Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) elections in Ukraine, Roman Humeniuk decided to contribute to change in his community by chairing the Precinct Election Commission (PEC) in the Lviv Oblast village of Kurovichi.  This considerable task was complicated by the fact that polling stations and public buildings in Ukraine are often not accessible, and Humeniuk uses a wheelchair.