Communication as a Weapon Against Corruption in a Rebuilt Ukraine

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Monday, November 21, 2022
Through her USAID-funded internship at Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention, Solomiia Trachuk deepened her communications skills and career prospects.

“At the very beginning of my internship at the National Agency on Corruption Prevention’s (NACP) Integrity Office, I said that we need to ‘reboot’ our Motherland,” said Solomiia Trachuk, a former intern. “Doing so includes building a society with zero tolerance to corruption.”

Solomiia is a student of two universities – Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and the National University of Ostroh Academy – where she studies political science and law. After successfully completing her NACP internship program, she was asked to join the Integrity Office’s communications team.

In spite of Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine, Solomiia has continued pursuing her primary aims:  educate the public on corruption cases, promote integrity, and foster an accountable society in Ukraine.

“During the interview process, I answered without any doubt that I want to work in communications,” she said. Solomiia’s daily work routine includes maintaining NACP’s social media presence and developing content plans, visual materials, and layout designs.

“Not everyone can take weapons and fight on the frontline; but, we all can do something to help win – volunteer, continue our daily work, support Ukraine’s economy. The key mission for the NACP Integrity Office is to raise public awareness about corruption and prove that it has no place in post-war Ukraine.”

Solomiia’s motivation to disclose corruption and speed up Ukraine’s victory is spurred on by multiple factors. First, is the courage of the Ukrainian people to withstand the challenges her country is currently experiencing. “[W]hen you want to give up, because everything is cracked like crystal, remember only one thing: Azovstal,” Solomiia reminds herself. “In a way, this popular phrase reflects how I feel and how I find motivation to move forward. Everything pales in comparison to some of the hardships our citizens are going through.”

The second motivating factor is the inspiration she gets from the Integrity Office’s team of talented professionals. “There is a team that inspires you to grow. You feel at home here. There is also mutual trust among team members - your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.”

Finally, Solomiia is guided by a desire to be a stronger communicator and to develop new skills. “I love what I do now. I want to become a highly regarded professional in the field of communications.”

If there is advice Solomiia could give to her peers to build a successful future and strengthen democracy in Ukraine, it would be very simple: “Do what you love and fulfil yourself. If everyone continues doing their job well, we will build a successful Ukraine.”

This internship program stems from a partnership between the NACP and the International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES), which is made possible by the support of USAID, Global Affairs Canada, and UK Aid. It is open to students and alumni of IFES’ university-level civic education course, “Democracy: From Theory to Practice.” This course is offered at 46 universities across Ukraine and is designed to deepen students’ knowledge through an interactive classroom environment where students learn and actually experience democracy.

Last updated: November 21, 2022

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