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USAID’s “Ghar Ghar Maa Swasthya” (GGMS, or “Healthy Homes) Project seeks to improve the health of disadvantaged populations in Nepal by improving access to and availability of health goods and services, especially in hard-to-reach rural areas, through social marketing and franchising.

Full inclusion of women from across society is critical to U.S. foreign policy objectives and imperative for the economic growth and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). 

Data e fillimit:  27 shkurt 2012
Data e përfundimit :  31 gusht 2014
Buxheti i projektit:  $2,540,000
Дата на започнување: 27 февруари, 2012         
Дата на завршување: 31 август, 2014   
Буџет на проектот: 2,540,000 УСД

The Microfinance Development Credit Authority (DCA) is a 15-year loan portfolio guaranty that supports microenterprises or individuals in sectors that need access to working capital and investment loans to start or expand their operations.


Start date:      September 28, 2007  
End date:        April 1, 2019  
Project budget: $10 million in loans
Implementers:  UNIBANKA and NLB Leasing


Датум на започнување:  26 јуни, 2013                                                
Времетраење:  34 месеци       
Буџет на проектот: $671,109    
Имплементатор:  Македонски центар за меѓународна соработка

Project Snapshot

Total Funding:  $9.38 million (including cost share of $366,000)
Start Date:  September 2013
End Date:  December 2018
Implementing Partner: Centers for Civic Initiatives, Center for Civil Society Promotion

The Palestinian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector has grown rapidly over the last three years to approximately 250 mostly small-sized companies, employing approximately 6,000 professionals. Nearly 2,000 students graduate from Palestinian universities annually in ICT-related fields – a number that is rapidly increasing. Recognizing the potential of this sector, USAID’s efforts link leading American companies with Palestinian entrepreneurs to promote economic development in the West Bank.

Hi-Tech Hubs bring together Palestinian students, entrepreneurs, international speakers and tech enthusiasts, providing a forum to connect, innovate, lead and build momentum for entrepreneurship. USAID supports Hi-Tech Hub events where young entrepreneurs can interact with investors, learn and develop skills necessary for running their own companies. This is the third Hi-Tech Hub USAID has organized. Here, eight startups will present their prototype solutions in the tourism and gaming sectors to a panel of judges. Winners will receive USAID subcontracts to further develop their products.


Last updated: August 15, 2020

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