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David Ouma Principal Dispenser in Moroto Hospital Store

Malaria is the leading cause of sickness and death in Uganda. Prevention, correct diagnosis and treatment are crucial to reduce malaria cases and mortality as well as lower the risk of resistance to antimalarial medicines and decrease medicine waste and misuse. However, due to inappropriate practices in malaria testing and treatment, many patients are treated incorrectly, receiving unnecessary or wrong medications.

Two Men Discuss Malaria prevention in Uganda

Ernest Masereka, a voluntary community health worker from Rutoke village in Uganda, understands the benefits of open dialogue. He first introduced his community to the idea of forming a village health club in December 2017. Village health clubs provide forums where community members can disseminate important messages and address issues, such as sanitation, health and savings. Collectively, members of the club come up with action plans and provide local solutions for the challenges their community faces.

Ayugi Stella, advocate for women's land rights in Uganda

When Ayugi Stella learned that she had the same rights to inherit land as the men around her, she decided to speak up for herself, her sisters and the other women in her community. Her hard work paid off—she persuaded her father to share his land equally with his children, and now she cultivates 3 acres of her own.

Last updated: February 28, 2019

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