Youth Development Activity

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Developing a market-matched workforce in Turkmenistan by connecting youth to opportunities.


Turkmenistan’s transition to a market economy requires workforce development aimed at equipping the labor force with modern, market-matched skills and knowledge. Towards this goal, USAID’s Youth Development Activity will connect Turkmenistani youth (ages 15-25) with employment and entrepreneurship opportunities and create sustainable linkages between training providers and the labor market.

The activity will engage with three key stakeholder groups (youth, employers, and training providers) to understand and match skills-driven educational approaches to the current and future demands of the Turkmen economy. The Youth Development Activity is implemented by The QED Group, LLC and runs from October 2021 through September 2026.



To understand the exact needs of employers, youth, and training providers, the activity will conduct in-depth research during its initial diagnostic phase, then pilot evidence-based interventions during its inception phase to identify the most effective tactics for youth development. Key learning priorities include:

  • The current and future needs of key stakeholders within the Turkmen labor market, the existing workforce development landscape, and the gaps between these needs and existing infrastructure;
  • The optimal strategies and tactics to create linkages and feedback loops among youth, employers, training providers, youth, and other key stakeholders;
  • The ideal mix of experiential learning and individual support to augment existing training and link youth with effective resources;
  • The current entrepreneurship environment and corresponding needs for support to youth for starting businesses; and
  • The most effective approaches that provide equitable and inclusive workforce development support, targeting young women and youth with disabilities.


Using evidence from the initial diagnostic and inception phases, the Youth Development Activity will scale up the most impactful activities that support strengthened training providers that develop market-matched skills, emphasizing sustainable approaches such as institutional capacity building for training providers and recruiters. By establishing an advisory board made up of representatives from the three key stakeholder groups, the activity will support a more responsive and adaptable training system, leveraging its convening power and strategic partnerships to continuously monitor the demands of the labor market and effectiveness of programming, and adjust activities accordingly.


  • Additional formal and informal linkages between key stakeholders – youth, employers, and training providers – including alumni/employer networks, mentorship programs, and advisory bodies;
  • Strengthened training systems that develop modern, market-matched skills;
  • Increased employment and entrepreneurship among Turkmenstani youth, especially among women and people with disabilities; and
  • Sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Last updated: January 05, 2022

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