Strengthening the accountability, effectiveness, and transparency of government institutions.


Since 2015, the Governance Support Program (GSP) has worked with members of Parliament, ministries, civil society organizations, international partners, and the private sector of Turkmenistan to strengthen the accountability, effectiveness, and transparency of government institutions in Turkmenistan. This program is implemented by Q2 Impact.


Goal One 

Improve public administration of the Government of Turkmenistan by increasing capacity of civil services across all public institutions, increasing public sector accountability and transparency, and strengthening technological systems to facilitate public service delivery.

Goal Two 

Strengthen policy development and lawmaking processes by increasing evidence-based policy development and lawmaking including mechanisms for civic participation and improving processes for citizen consultations.


  • Trained over 4,500 stakeholders – civil servants, legislators, civil society and private industry representatives, and individual citizens in elements of strong governance and sustainable economic development.  
  • Supported the strengthening of 24 laws and by-laws and 16 key policies and practices to allow the government of Turkmenistan to better serve its citizens. These laws have:
    • Lowered the administrative and financial startup barriers for civil society organizations.
    • Strengthened systems for the prevention and prosecution of human trafficking.
    • Enabled increased private investment into sectors such as municipal waste management.
    • Increased environmental monitoring and improved adaptation mechanisms for climate resilience efforts.
  • Adopted modern e-governance systems, including disease surveillance systems, land cadasters, and meteorological data systems.
  • Developed Turkmenistan’s first mobile application featuring a tri-lingual information and communications technology (ICT) dictionary.
  • Hosted a month-long sign language course for 12 interpreters from Ashgabat and all regions of Turkmenistan.
  • Organized a 10-day training course for 24 civil servants on ICT who, upon successful completion received their first international IT Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.
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