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A schoolgirl in Turkmenistan works at her desk.
A girl learns new vocabulary as part of a USAID literacy project.
Quality Learning Project

In Turkmenistan, like other countries in Central Asia, Soviet government statistics showed literacy as nearly universal in 1991. Since independence, the Government of Turkmenistan has undertaken important curricular reforms, changed language of instruction policies, and reviewed the mandatory length of secondary schooling. These reforms presented many initial challenges that affected the quality of education. The government, however, is increasingly enacting policies to produce a highly skilled work force that can successfully engage in international commercial activities. This includes building instructors’ qualifications at approximately 18 higher education institutions, several of which provide graduate study alongside the Academy of Science's research institutes. The government continues to value international cooperation, as demonstrated through student and professor exchanges and other collaboration with the donor community.

U.S. assistance has supported the implementation of student-centered methods of teaching and learning in secondary schools. USAID is also building the capacity of faculty to use information and communication technologies. The large majority of these activities are delivered by local organizations that have benefitted from previous USAID trainings. Recently, the President of Turkmenistan requested that e-government and information technology become widely incorporated in daily operations.


  • USAID helped to train more than 2,000 school teachers and educators on how to use interactive technology to make teaching more effective.
  • USAID created a Technical Support Room that was created at the Academy of Science, where more than 3,000 faculty and students from 14 higher education institutes have been trained.
  • USAID helped develop the first-ever distance learning courses in the Turkmen language.
  • USAID helped make available electronic lesson plans, research materials, and other teaching materials at the Academy of Science.

Last updated: February 18, 2021

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