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To celebrate International Youth Day, 300 young Tunisians leading the work of the U.S.-funded Ma3an project in 33 communities across the country gathered on August 11 and 12, 2022, for the Ma3an Youth Leaders Conference in Tunis.  

The Ma3an Youth Leaders Conference was a skill-building and networking opportunity; it highlighted the contributions of the Tunisian youth with Ma3an’s support to their communities, including the crucial role that over 700 youth played in vaccinating over 300,000 Tunisian citizens to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additionally, the conference showcased Ma3an’s successful community-led activities in USAID-funded, refurbished, and equipped youth centers and urban parks around the country. 

Thanks to U.S. investments and support, through USAID, Ma3an has equipped over 1,000 Youth Leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change in their communities.  These young leaders represent the foundation of Ma3an’s youth leadership network, and their accomplishments demonstrate the limitless potential of Tunisian youth. 

The conference at El Mouradi Gammarth Hotel in Tunis was organized and designed by Ma3an Youth Leaders with participation from various stakeholders, including government, private sector representatives, and the media. The conference was live-streamed and reached 400 attendees online.

Ma3an (“Together” in Arabic)


Ma3an's program goal is to increase Tunisian youth civic engagement and economic empowerment and works towards the following objectives: (1) Youth have improved access to skills, services, and opportunities for civic engagement and economic empowerment, and (2) Tunisian youth lead and meaningfully participate in activities to address youth and community priorities.

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