2017 - 2021 | Deloitte | Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment | $54 Million

Effective government for responding to citizen needs

Program Overview

2017-2021・$54 million・Implemented by Deloitte ・Key Government of Tunisia Partners: The Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment

The Tunisia Accountability, Decentralization, and Effective Municipalities (TADAEEM) supports the  Government of Tunisia’s long-term decentralization initiatives, with an emphasis on improving service  delivery. TADAEEM’s three key objectives include 1) improving citizen participation in and oversight of  key government functions, 2) strengthening municipal institutional and service delivery performance, and 3) bolstering regional and national coordination and service delivery mechanisms improved to respond to needs of citizens via local government structures. The program works at the central level to assist the Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment with strategic planning and communications with sub-national entities across 33 municipalities. Some program activities include road paving, public lighting, waste management, park renovation, and permit digitization.

Program achievements

  • Delivered 86,000 equipment items to 151 municipalities, which enabled 8,000 front line sanitation municipal workers to stop the spread of COVID-19, serving and protecting over half the population in Tunisia;
  • Supported the capacity building of 33 municipalities to improve service delivery, including the capacity for  citizen engagement, analyzing the root causes of service failures, identifying and implementing  solutions, and measuring results using a data-driven decision-making process; Improved services  include solid waste collection services, traffic and roads, public lighting, public spaces and parks, markets, and stormwater infrastructure.
  • Delivered municipal equipment packages through in-kind grants to respond to service delivery needs identified by the 33 partner municipalities;
  • Finalized the National Strategy for Household Waste, and the National Policy for Construction Waste;
  • Supported the Government of Tunisia in digitizing the permit process for construction  building.

Contact Information

Hind Houas  hhouas@usaid.gov

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