2021 - 2023 | Attalaki Association for Freedom and Equality | $177,000

New partnerships initiative

Program Overview

2021-2023・$177,000 ・Implemented by Attalaki Association for Freedom and Equality

The right to nondiscrimination is enshrined in Tunisia’s 2014 constitution, and while Tunisian society is considered one of the most homogenous in the Middle East and North Africa region, some members of minority groups have encountered challenges both in their engagements with fellow citizens and with local and national government. Positive contact and interaction among communities can alleviate fears, misconceptions, and stereotypes and can prevent escalations that could lead to more serious clashes. As part of the USG’s commitment to fostering inclusion and equity worldwide, USAID works to amplify minority voices in partner countries around the world. 

In line with USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative (NPI), the “Let’s Talk about Religious Freedom” project is USAID/Tunisia’s first direct grant to a Tunisian organization, Attalaki. The goal of the activity is to support tolerance and acceptance by promoting a culture of differences.  The activity will promote religious diversity through interfaith dialogues, start a social media campaign to raise awareness of religious freedom, and advocate for reforms that can improve freedom of religion in Tunisia. 

Project Objectives

  • Increase Tunisian citizens’ understanding of religious freedom and provide a safe space to discuss  religious freedom and barriers to religious freedom;
  • Decrease religious-based hate speech;
  • Advocate for changes to existing policies, laws, and practices in Tunisia that inhibit freedom of religion.

Contact Information

Asma Ben Aicha abenaicha@usaid.gov


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