Political Transitions Project

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Strengthening democratic electoral and political process

Program Overview

2020-2025・$19 million・Implemented by CEPPS partners - IFES, NDI, IRI, and Internews

The Political Transitions Project (PTP) is a five-year collaborative program led by CEPPS—the  International Foundation for Electoral Systems (CEPPS/IFES), the International Republican Institute  (CEPPS/IRI), the National Democratic Institute (CEPPS/NDI), and supported by CEPPS Associate Partner  Internews. The program aims to strengthen electoral and political processes (EPP), provide citizens with information and opportunities to engage politically and improve elections through oversight and advocacy with support from civil society organizations (CSOs). Developed through a collaborative co-creation process among USAID, CEPPS and Tunisian stakeholders, the project will bring together and build upon efforts to support Tunisia’s continued democratic transition.

Program Objectives

The PTP is implemented through three main program objectives: 1) increase the capacity of key electoral and political processes ) institutions to independently and effectively perform their  duties, and respond to citizens’ needs; 2) better inform and engage Tunisian citizens and civil society  groups in elections and political processes; and 3) improve electoral and political reform processes  through oversight and advocacy by civil society and other relevant stakeholders.

Key activities

  • Support civic and voter education efforts, with a particular focus on marginalized groups,  including youth, women, persons with disabilities, rural populations, and illiterate Tunisians; 
  • Work with civil society organizations, political parties and local media to build the capacity of  media to report on democratic and electoral issues; 
  • Support Tunisia’s Elections Management Body the ISIE, , elected  officials and political parties to improve their capacity to fulfill their roles and respond to  citizens’ needs;
  • Provide technical and financial assistance to Tunisian election observer groups using  statistically-based methodologies. 

Contact Information

Asma Ben Aicha abenaicha@usaid.gov

Last updated: January 14, 2022

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