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Global Climate Change

Under the Global Climate Change Initiative, USAID assistance emphasizes collaboration with central, district, and local governments to address key climate change vulnerabilities and incorporate resilience-building measures into action plans. Working with its development partners, USAID conducts climate vulnerability assessments in order to develop and implement adaptation strategies and plans. Activities include promoting flood- and drought-tolerant crops, adaptive livelihood options, livestock and range management practices, and sustainable agriculture practices that reduce risk from climate change. These methods include agroforestry, drip irrigation, and contour farming to reduce soil erosion and improve water retention. Water resource management is also a critical component in responding to climate change and agricultural expansion in Tanzania. As such, USAID collaborates with strategic partners to support flow assessments in some of Tanzania’s most critical water basins in order to provide information for better decision-making on sustainable water use.



Last updated: October 13, 2017

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