USAID/Tajikistan’s goal statement for its 2022-2025 Strategic Framework is “Foundations for sustainable development in Tajikistan strengthened.”

Through two development objectives (DOs), this strategic framework furthers the foundations of sustainable development - job creation, human capacity development, and economic, social and governing reforms - so that progress can reach those who have been excluded or otherwise unable to reap the benefits of Tajikistan’s economic and social transformation. DO 1, entitled Inclusive Economic Growth Strengthened, supports the goal by creating the conditions for economic shifts and reforms that will create opportunities for all Tajiks, including women, youth and other at-risk groups. DO 2, entitled Increased Human Capital, will reinforce economic growth efforts (DO 1) to ensure that all Tajiks have the foundational education and health necessary to participate meaningfully in society, realize their potential, and further Tajikistan’s sustainable development.