Photo Exhibition "On the Edge" Aims to Increase Tolerance of Former Prisoners

Photo Exhibition "On the Edge" Aims to Increase Tolerance of Former Prisoners
Photo Exhibition "On the Edge"
HIV React Project

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Dushanbe, July 29, 2019 – Public organizations SPIN Plus and Amali Nek, supported by the Public Fund AFEW Kazakhstan and within the framework of USAID’s HIV React Project, are holding a thematic photo exhibition – "On the Edge." The purpose of the exhibition is to change the public’s attitude toward former prisoners, and create a tolerant and supportive environment conducive to their socialization.

The photos are designed to show the importance of having an unbiased attitude toward former prisoners and the positive results of such perspective.  An important role is played by the interaction of all parties – former prisoners, staff from the Department of Corrective Affairs, doctors, and NGOs to support them.

People who have been imprisoned are often perceived as people from another world, despite the fact that many have either a neighbor or relative who has been imprisoned.  Often the subject is avoided and people try not to notice or talk about them.  Meanwhile, most of the former prisoners wish to start a new life and find their place in society.

This photo exhibition tells the story of former prisoners, who received support from the HIV React project through their involvement in informational activities focused on the prevention and treatment of HIV infection, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and reducing stigma and discrimination, and their participation in social support programs and self-support groups.  As a result, they found the strength to break free from the vicious cycle to become content and contributing members of society. The exhibition also talks about the need for support and compassion from the police and the penitentiary system, other prisoners, social workers, and doctors. This support will help inmates believe in themselves and in the future to help others in difficult situations.

The photo exhibition “On the Edge” is part of a regional photo project, which also takes place in Almaty and Bishkek.  The HIV React Project is a regional project implemented by the AFEW Kazakhstan Public Foundation in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan, with an aim to prevent HIV in prisons, and financial and technical support from USAID.

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