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“Unite to end tuberculosis” a national campaign dedicated to world TB day
April 11, 2016

Together with the Government of Tajikistan, the United States government launched a national information and education campaign dedicated to World TB Day at Kokhi Jomi Hall in Dushanbe. An audience of approximately 400 people witnessed speeches and music delivering messages about TB prevention, stigma, and discrimination.

U.S. Government Engages Media in Tajikistan to Increase Awareness of Tuberculosis
March 17, 2016

The United States government, through the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID), conducted a national training on tuberculosis (TB) for local journalists of television, radio, and print media March 15 – 17 in Tajikistan. The three-day training was organized and conducted by the USAID TB Control Program in close collaboration with the National TB Program, the National Centre for Healthy Lifestyle, and the Stop TB Partnership Coalition of Tajikistan.

Wheat Flour Fortification is a Cost-Effective Investment in Tajikistan
March 10, 2016

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) hosted a workshop titled Cost Benefit Analysis of Flour Fortification in Tajikistan in Dushanbe. Deputy Speaker of the Lower Chamber of Parliament of Tajikistan Mrs. Khayrinisso Yusufi, USAID/Tajikistan Country Director Ms. Katie McDonald, First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of Population Mrs. Saida Umarzoda, and Mrs. Dora Panagides, Senior Manager, Large-Scale Food Fortification/GAIN delivered remarks to open the workshop.

U.S. Government Engages Civil Society to Prevent Tuberculosis
February 25, 2016

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Tuberculosis Control Program conducted a five-day workshop on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ENGAGE-TB approach to integrate community-based tuberculosis (TB) activities into the work of non-governmental and civil society organizations.

The U.S. Government launches new food security activity in Tajikistan
January 29, 2016

The United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), announced a new food security program that will operate in western Khatlon Province.



USAID Tajikistan Calendar 2014

Feed the Future

USAID Feed the Future incorporates water management into agricultural development

Friday, March 22, 2013
USAID Feed the Future incorporates water management into agricultural development


Laws of the Land Raise up Tajik Women Farmers

Monday, June 10, 2013
USAID-backed legal aide to dispossessed women is helping keep them on their land, with cascading benefits on jurisprudence, food security and poverty reduction in the former Soviet Republic.

In Tajikistan, Little Drops Make the River

Thursday, April 13, 2013
In Tajikistan, there is a familiar proverb: “In every drop of water, there is a grain of gold.” Water is the most precious resource in this mountainous, landlocked nation that is slightly smaller than Wisconsin.

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