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Poverty and conflict are multidimensional. Although sectoral development investments have helped, they have failed to deliver widespread improvements in the quality of life for many vulnerable and marginalized communities. For longterm impact, a multi-sector approach is needed, and communities must have ownership both in defining the problems they face and generating the solutions. Communities that are stable, resilient, and self-reliant are less likely to fall into cycles of poverty and conflict.


Local Impact was created as a joint initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as an innovative framework for meaningful, sustained impact across Asia and Africa that puts local communities at the center of development. Through Local Impact, AKF and USAID will work with marginalized and vulnerable communities to:

  1. catalyze inclusive economic growth and ensure basic livelihoods;
  2. enhance infrastructure and access to basic services with a focus on clean energy;
  3. enhance the capacity of citizens and local institutions; and
  4. promote pluralism and social cohesion.


Local Impact is a multi-year, multi-sector, and multi-country global partnership between AKF and USAID. It is a five-year Leader with Associates cooperative agreement that allows USAID to work with AKF and its partners to design and implement projects that address development challenges across sectors. Drawing on human-centered design tools and processes, Local Impact will spark new, innovative solutions to complex problems while tapping into existing productive efforts to address these issues at the grassroots level. Local Impact will begin in Central Asia with a focus on Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic. Additional target countries will include Egypt, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Syria, Tanzania, and Uganda. Through additional Mission or Bureau buy-ins, USAID can:

  • Substantially leverage US taxpayer dollars with AKF’s 50%+ leverage contribution;
  • Demonstrate commitment to private sector engagement and locally-led development, supporting a pathway on the journey to self-reliance; and
  • Work with a trusted partner on an innovative, cost-effective framework to achieve meaningful and sustained impact.


USAID Offices and Missions can execute Associate Awards without additional competition through October 2024.

Global Lead, Local Impact and Strategic Partnerships
Aga Khan Foundation USA

Local Impact, Agreement Officer’s Representative
USAID | Global Development Lab

Last updated: June 22, 2021

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