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Catherine Alfonse, a community health worker living in Same, Tanzania, knows what it is like to be shunned. Now, through USAID’s Boresha Afya (“Improve Health”) activity, she works with other mothers living with HIV to make sure they have a friend they can count on and confront stigma.

After Catherine’s husband passed away from an undiagnosed illness in the late 1990s, Catherine lived with the rumors that he had died from AIDS. She was pregnant with her son Emmanuel at the time.

Ufadhili wa vifaa hutoa njia kwa vijana kustawi katika fani walizosomea kama vile ushonaji, useremala, uashi, uokaji, ufundi bomba, urembo wa nywele, upishi, na uandaaji wa chakula.

DAR ES SALAAM - Leo, Serikali ya Marekani, kupitia Shirika la Marekani la Maendeleo ya Kimataifa (USAID), na Ng’wilabuzu Ndatwa Ludigija, Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Ilala wamekabidhi vifaa vya kuanzisha biashara vinavyoingiza kipato na samani za ofisini na vifaa vya kukusanya na kuhifadhi taarifa kwa wanufaika nchini.


Tohara Salama (“Safe Circumcision”) is a two-year activity which aims to expand Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) services in five priority regions in Tanzania. The Tanzania National Multi-sectoral Framework for HIV and AIDS recognizes VMMC as a highly effective HIV prevention intervention that has the potential to reduce the risk of female to male transmission by at least 60%. Male circumcision also reduces sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly ulcerative STIs, including herpes and syphilis, and penile cancer.


With wildlife tourism accounting for roughly 25 percent of foreign exchange earnings in Tanzania, the loss of key species will have a significant effect on economic and monetary stability.

Tuhifadhi Maliasili (“Preserve Natural Resources”) addresses major threats to Tanzania's biodiversity by:


mothers2mothers (m2m) has deepened its commitment to keeping mothers healthy and ensuring an end to pediatric AIDS in Tanzania with the launch of direct services in the East African nation. Thanks to the support from the United States President’s Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), administered by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the RISE II mechanism, m2m has recruited, trained and deployed 35 Tanzanian women living with HIV as frontline health workers to ten sites in the Morogoro region.


Last updated: August 16, 2021

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