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Economic Growth and Trade

The July 2011 independence of South Sudan dealt a blow to Sudan’s economy, which lost three-fourths of its oil resources. To bolster economic growth, USAID-supported experts will conduct economic analysis and encourage qualitative improvements in public dialogue on important economic policy issues affecting the performance of the agriculture sector in Sudan, particularly in marginalized areas. Topics may include land tenure, irrigation and water resource efficiency, trade, pricing, tax, credit, subsidies, major export crops and foreign investment.

USAID continues to provide targeted economic support to vulnerable populations in the marginalized regions of Sudan. In Muglad, Southern Kordofan, for example, USAID sponsored the construction of a building to house the main meat and produce market, following consultations with the local community. The town is an important point along a major north-south thoroughfare that sees significant traffic and the seasonal migration of livestock between Sudan and South Sudan. Trade among groups from the area has proven to be an important bridge and incentive for peaceful relations, and the new market bolsters Muglad’s position as an important economic center. Increased access to goods and commodities for people in the region will ease economic pressures on residents and provide them with new livelihood opportunities.

Last updated: November 19, 2015

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