Local grantees received donated equipment to aid their efforts to sustain the program’s legacy.

“Thanks to your support and the material we received, we can continue our activities and consolidate BFRP’s legacy, despite the precarious security situation.”

Souleymane Ag Rissa, Mayor of Déou

Since its launch in July 2018, USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) Burkina Faso Regional Program (BFRP) has implemented 220 activities to support locally-led solutions to addressing the most pressing causes of instability in the program’s target communities (the Sahel, Nord, Est, and Centre-Est regions of Burkina Faso). Throughout over three years of implementation, OTI/BFRP awarded grants to 144 grantees—including local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, and host-country government offices—and reached an estimated 1.5 million beneficiaries in 28 target communities across the country.

To bolster the sustainability of OTI’s investments in local grantees after its closure in February 2022, the program transferred its entire inventory of equipment from its three regional offices and main office in Ouagadougou to 59 of the program’s most active grantees from all regions, as well as other USAID implementing partners. In total, OTI donated over 1,000 pieces of program equipment, including IT equipment such as computers, printers, and phones, and non-IT equipment such as vehicles, power generators, and office furniture. This equipment transfer, part of BFRP’s close-out plan, is one way for the program to reinforce the institutional and organizational capacities of its partner organizations and municipalities and, in turn, strengthen the program’s legacy. The program presence will “live on” through the remaining equipment, as grantees use it to continue making strides to address instability in their communities.

“It is sad that BFRP closed, but we are grateful for the way they prepared us to be resilient after the end of the program. In addition to building our capacities in topics such as advocacy, networking, applying for donor funding, and monitoring and evaluation, we also received program equipment that strengthened our operational capacities,” said Fimba Ouoba, head of the Regional Youth Council of the Est Region.

Souleymane Ag Rissa, the Mayor of Déou in the Sahel region, whose office received several pieces of OTI equipment including a vehicle, IT equipment, and office furniture, wrote an official letter on behalf of the Déou Town Hall to thank the program and express the community’s gratitude for OTI’s investments in their municipality.

“Since our Town Hall was burned by armed individuals in January 2019, we lost a lot of material and equipment. Thanks to your support and the material we received, we can continue our activities and consolidate BFRP’s legacy [in the commune], despite the precarious security situation,” he wrote.

The Association d'Aide à la Promotion de l'Identité et au Développement (AAPID), a community organization that implemented an OTI/BFRP grant, also received OTI equipment. AAPID’s work focused on building a sense of community and economic empowerment activities in the Nord Region, including an activity that provided shared mills where host community and displaced women in the town of Solle could work together, despite the increased strain on community resources from conflict-related displacement.

According to Adama Ouedraogo, AAPID’s chairman, “Working with BFRP has strengthened our action with the population of Solle, and this donation of equipment helped us to have a well-functioning office which has increased our credibility with other partners for the pursuit of our activities.”

With this equipment, AAPID will be able to continue its work with women and youth on strengthening communities in the Nord region’s ability to resist the influence of violent extremist organizations.

OTI program equipment recipients unanimously affirmed the meaningfulness of the decision to transfer the equipment to the program’s local grantees. The equipment provides them with tangible support to continue their efforts even as the OTI program ends, and reinforces the sustainability of their interventions on the ground.

OTI/BFRP transfers a program vehicle to the Mayor of Déou, a local government grantee in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso, in October 2021.
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