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Complementing U.S. Government efforts to support the country’s integration into the broader Euro-Atlantic community through strategic support to North Macedonia's reform agenda.


Despite resolving the bilateral name dispute with Greece in January 2019, North Macedonia continues to struggle with implementing and advancing meaningful government reforms that are preconditions for European Union (EU) membership. The EU and U.S. Government share concerns that the Government of North Macedonia (GoNM) must continue implementing urgent reform priorities in public administration, as well as the judiciary, security, and intelligence services, and fight corruption. Through its continued engagement, the U.S. Government supports the entrenchment of democratic processes in North Macedonia that are key to the country’s immediate stability, protecting against outside malign influence, eventual Euro-Atlantic integration, and the U.S. strategic priority of a strong and free Europe.


In 2015, USAID/OTI launched the Macedonia Support Initiative (now the North Macedonia Support Initiative – NMSI), complementing U.S. Government efforts to support the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration, while remaining flexible to respond to emerging political realities. Since January 2019, NMSI has used the window of opportunity presented by the historic resolution of the name dispute to help the GoNM refocus its efforts to address urgent reforms. NMSI coordinates within the Embassy and the international community in-country to identify short-fuse areas where NMSI can strategically advance the reform agenda and complement longer-term efforts toward Euro-Atlantic integration.


  • Support to Critical Reforms. The GoNM is undertaking a bold and long-overdue set of legislative, policy, and systemic reforms. USAID/OTI is providing assistance to enable key government sectors to advance this democratic process. USAID/OTI short-term support, often in the form of technical assistance, fills gaps and provides quick, tangible returns on investments that complement other longer-term donor efforts.
  • Support to Media. In an effort to sustain the current enabling environment for urgent democratic reform as well as to manage citizen expectations on issues related to EU accession, NMSI supports the development of fact-based and data-driven media content, including 360 Degrees and Detektor, news programs that seek to enrich national-level debate on reforms. USAID/OTI technical assistance supports media outlets to develop higher-quality programming that engages the population on key  reform issues. Qualitative data indicates that NMSI’s support for independent, non-partisan media has improved perceptions of freedom of speech and an appreciation for different political points of view in North Macedonia.
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Last updated: November 09, 2020

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