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Strengthening government action in resisting the spread of insecurity, and reinforce the links between and within government structures and communities.


Niger’s strategic location and longstanding security relationship with the United States make it a key ally in disrupting terrorist threats in the Sahel. Over the last two years, the region has experienced a sharp increase in violent extremism (VE) activity, with significant destabilizing effects in neighboring Mali, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria. For six years, OTI worked with communities in the Lake Chad Basin and Liptako Gourma regions to counter VE threats. In late 2020, OTI pivoted to focus on identifying emerging threats, bolstering stability, and working with the Niger Mission to strengthen conflict-responsive programming.


OTI’s current program objectives in Niger are to: 

  • Strengthen government action to resist the spread of insecurity; and

  • Reinforce the links between and within government structures and communities.


  • OTI provided technical assistance to Water and Forestry Service agents to increase their capacity to effectively work in insecure areas, and improve their relationship with communities adjacent to the W National Park. In many of the remote areas around the park, these agents are the sole representatives of the state and play a critical role in protecting citizens from VE groups.

  • OTI is working with Zara Productions, a local women-owned video production firm, to develop videos aimed at promoting the idea of a shared national identity and collective response required to counter destabilizing trends. The videos engage Nigeriens in raising awareness of their civic responsibilities and will be broadcast via both national radio and television.    

  • OTI is providing support to the Region Council of Youth in Dosso for a series of meetings and workshops to address common obstacles that prevent youth from joining the formal economy. The training will bring together at-risk youth and local authorities to brainstorm ways to increase youth participation in the formal economy, decrease youth misunderstandings and misperceptions of local authorities, and mitigate youth participation in illicit trade and their risk of recruitment by VE groups.    

  • OTI provides technical assistance to the Regional Permanent Secretariat of the National Food Crisis Prevention and Management System in eight communities in Dosso to improve the crisis management capacity of regional authorities. Niger is facing an imminent food crisis and this activity helps increase transparency and trust between target communities and local officials by encouraging them to work together to address the food crisis and security threat in the Dosso region.  

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Last updated: July 20, 2022

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