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Supporting the Malaysian government’s implementation of reforms, facilitating civic engagement in the reform process, and consolidating post-election gains for free media. 


In May 2018, Malaysians took to the polls and issued a powerful rebuke to patterns of corruption that infamously manifested in the 1MDB scandal, where the previous government pilfered nearly $2 billion from the Malaysia State Investment Fund. Since then, Malaysians within and outside the government have been working to strengthen democratic governance to protect against such blatant disregard for the public good. The peaceful transition of power was an unexpected turn of events and serves as a model of hope in a region that has recently witnessed pronounced trends toward authoritarianism.

Malaysia is a significant regional and global partner to the United States. The two countries share a diverse and expanding partnership in trade, investment, security, and educational/cultural relations. There is a long history of people-to-people exchanges and robust economic ties. The U.S. Government is deeply committed to supporting the ongoing political reforms, and continues to work with Malaysian counterparts to strengthen the country’s leadership role in the region.


The U.S. Government partners with the Government of Malaysia, civil society, and other interested stakeholders to support Malaysians’ aspirations for a more democratic society. The program’s objectives are to:

  • Assist the Malaysian government in enhancing standards of transparency, accountability and responsiveness to the public; and
  • Empower voices to engage more meaningfully on issues important to the people.


  • Democratic strengthening. USAID/OTI works with the Government of Malaysia to build its technical capacity to advance institutional, democratic change, and helps the public play a more active role in policymaking. To do this, USAID/OTI provides technical assistance to parliamentary committees and key ministries to develop roadmaps to implement democratic reform as well as empowers stakeholders to champion formal and informal changes that pay dividends to Malaysia’s democracy.
  • Increased participation. USAID/OTI supports civil society and media to exercise their voice and hold government officials accountable. To do this, USAID/OTI provides platforms for public activities for civil society and citizens who test boundaries of the newly opened political and social space. These students, comedians, cartoonists, and filmmakers are able to spark discussions on political and social issues that were previously discouraged in public spaces.
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Last updated: October 01, 2020

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