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Laying strong foundations for lasting democratic change in Armenia.


In April 2018, peaceful street protests across Armenia culminated in the resignation of Prime Minister (PM) Serzh Sargsyan, the former President who had overseen a constitutional change in order to extend his term in office beyond the mandated two terms. On May 8, 2018, protest leader and opposition parliamentarian Nikol Pashinyan was elected as the new PM. In order to consolidate the political changes, the PM called snap elections on December 9th, giving the pro-government Civil Contract Party an overwhelming majority in Parliament. The Government of Armenia (GoAM) has subsequently pivoted to focus on reforms, beginning with ministerial consolidation, drafting of long-term Armenia 2050 plans which focuses on anti-corruption measures and judicial reform, while seeking to set the foundations for an “economic revolution” to tackle unemployment and emigration.

Recognizing the new GoAM’s clear political will to institute change, along with the public’s expectations for quick results, there is a pressing need to provide technical and in-kind assistance to GoAM civil society groups to effectively envision and implement much-needed reforms.


In March 2019, USAID/OTI launched its program in Armenia, complementing the U.S. Government’s efforts to help Armenia succeed as a secure, prosperous, and democratic country. The USAID/OTI program focuses on laying strong foundations for lasting democratic change in Armenia. The program’s objectives are to:

  • GoAM reforms result in more systematic and professional institutions
  • Armenians experience the democratic transition as a positive change in their lives


  • USAID/OTI supports the GoAM by providing technical assistance, equipment, and training to line ministries, press secretaries, governors, and the Prime Minister’s Office in order to augment the implementation of the government’s reform agenda. Through these efforts, USAID/OTI helps the GoAM demonstrate action on its reform agenda to its citizens who are eager for the change promised during the “Velvet Revolution.”
  • USAID/OTI works with governors, mayors, civil society organizations, and community-based organizations to implement a nationwide campaign that supports progress on social and economic issues, which are important to rural communities. The campaign brings together citizens and government to show the tangible benefits of good governance to boost optimism and foster confidence in the new Armenia.
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Last updated: October 01, 2020

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