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  • USAID´s Inclusive Value Chains program works with 10,000 small producers, to strengthen their organizational capacity, increase their productivity, and broker long-term commercial relationships to guarantee the sale of their products

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  • With USAID’s support, Paraguay is implementing its third Open Government Partnership plan which includes commitments from 25 public institutions to increase transparency, ensure government accountability, and promote citizen participation.

  • Thanks to USAID’s Effective Inclusion project, Paraguay's most important fashion event, the Asuncion Fashion Week, welcomed the inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • USAID works to strengthen the capacity of community water organizations that provide water to 100,000 Paraguayans living in isolated rural communities

  • Thanks to USAID’s Inclusive Micro-finance Opportunities project, Agripina (center) who has a physical disability, joined a women’s Village Bank and received a loan to start a small shop, where she sells basic home supplies.

About Paraguay

Paraguay, a landlocked country about the size of California located in the heart of South America, recently joined the upper middle income category.  With nearly 7 million people, this small but open economy has had an average growth of 5% over the last decade. However, Paraguay’s growth is very volatile, and mostly reliant on natural resources.

Last updated: November 07, 2016

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