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  • Building youth workforce readiness and life competencies' skills

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  • Partnering with the Government of Guatemala to strengthen key security and justice sector institutions

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  • Advancing food security and nutrition together - Goat Production Center of the Western Highlands (Centro de Producción Caprina Del Altiplano) known by its Spanish acronym - CEPROCAL

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  • Reaching out to incorporate out-of-school youth through alternative education

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  • Learning for life includes self-motivation, encompassing many aspects

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About Guatemala

High levels of violence and insecurity, and historic inequality in Guatemala contribute to increased crime rates, high levels of poverty, and some of the lowest social development indicators in Latin America.  Guatemala also is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters and the impacts of climate change.  However, Guatemala also has a wealth of human and natural resources that can contribute to economic growth and increased stability. 

To support Guatemala in its development, USAID collaborates closely with the Government of Guatemala to1) strengthen security and justice for citizens, 2) increase economic growth and social development in the Western Highlands, and 3) mitigate the impacts of climate change.  USAID partners with civil society, national and local government, the private sector, indigenous groups, and local universities to promote community-driven sustainable development.  Our programs focus on citizen security, agriculture, health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, education, and the environment.


USAID/Guatemala Country Fact Sheet

Impact Evaluation of USAID's Crime and Violence Prevention Programs in Central America

Partnership Opportunities in Guatemala

Assistance Provided to Guatemala

Evaluations for Guatemala

USAID Guatemala Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) [PDF]

Estrategia de Cooperación de USAID para el Desarrollo - Guatemala [PDF]

Last updated: December 11, 2017

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