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Working in Crises and Conflict

South Sudan crisis
U.S. food aid supports communities displaced by conflict

Conflict Mitigation and Prevention

USAID is supporting South Sudan’s peace process and will expand the geographic focus of USAID conflict mitigation activities to include urban flashpoints, pursuing a community-based approach focused on supporting communities and influential individuals in their efforts to constructively mitigate and manage conflict.

Humanitarian Assistance

South Sudan faces the worst food security situation in the world, with 7.3 million people – more than half the population – at some risk of food insecurity, of which 3.9 million face crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity. The United States has remained the leading donor of humanitarian assistance to South Sudan. This assistance includes responding to immediate food needs, ramping up the distribution of food items and specialty nutrition supplements for children suffering from malnutrition and supporting programs that address chronic food insecurity by providing seeds, tools and fishing kits to help displaced and other conflict-affected people plant crops and otherwise meet basic food needs. In addition, USAID support will help South Sudanese communities develop plans to rehabilitate or build community assets that enhance their resilience, such as dykes and feeder roads. 

Last updated: September 23, 2016

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